Boston to Charlotte to Boston

"Boston to Charlotte to Boston"
Blog Post by Kurt Scobie
Mar 1st, 2012

My travels in the Northeast continue after a few days in Charlotte, NC!

The NACA National Convention happens each year in February, bringing together musicians, comedians, and other entertainers as well as college programming board representatives from all over the country. You may have seen someof my posts on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and Google+ from my time at #NACA2012

Here is a glimpse of my travels from Boston to Charlotte and back. Enjoy!

A foggy Boston skyline the morning I left the Northeast.

Smooth travels to Charlotte, where I was welcomed by sunshine!

The "Hoppyum" IPA! I had some time to kill waiting for my ride in Charlotte, so you know I just had to grab a local brew!

Hanging out at the Hey Cole Booth at the "Marketplace". Do I look tired?

The posters were hung in the booth with care... 

My lovely wife came to see me while I was somewhat close to Atlanta. 

The 2012 NACA National Convention Showcase Venue! I was a "showcase alternate" and didn't end up getting a showcase, but it was still a fun trip! Met a lot of interesting folks and had a blast in Charlotte!

Clear skies and smooth travels back to Boston!

Back in Boston and now it's snowing! Its pretty from my hotel window, but now I have to go drive in it. Showtime!

Thanks for following! Until next time...