FEATURED FRIEND FRIDAY: Jeremy Ezell (The Well Reds)

FEATURED FRIEND FRIDAY: Jeremy Ezell (The Well Reds)
March 1, 2013

If this post sounds a little like I'm bragging, its because I am.

I'm super excited about what is to come for my friend Jeremy Ezell and his band The Well Reds. This group is one of the first bands I heard of when I moved to Atlanta in 2006. They were creating great stuff then, and have continued to create great stuff since.

And they're about to release MORE great stuff. Jeremy and the band are in the studio working on some new music and I just know it will be awesome. These boys just know how to create good art. See for yourself. Go grab this FREE download of "6 More Months" via NoiseTrade. www.noisetrade.com/thewellreds. And then go download the rest of that EP on iTunes. SO good!

Not only is the music relatable, Jeremy Ezell is super down-to-earth as well. He is one of those talented AND nice guys (rare, I know). So, I am really pulling for him. And you should really check him out. TWR really is a band to watch! Really.

Here are a few places you can connect with The Well Reds