Hope Through Brokenness: “The Warnings” (Track 4)

Hope Through Brokenness: “The Warnings” (Track 4)
Blog Post by Kurt Scobie
August 7, 2012

The warnings are all around us. Signs, messages, alerts, sirens, and the timely words of a trusted friend are all right there. The problem isn’t a lack of warnings. The problem is a lack of heeding to those warnings.

He walks up, sexy designer jeans
You wish you could read him like his drink, he’s holding
Label, pointing toward you
Trapping you in you, pinning you to you

Most people, regardless of the red flags, will do what they want to do, once they have decided to do it. I think it is a pride issue. Some of the most difficult words to say in the English language are “I was wrong”. Our pride can lead us right off a cliff.

You laugh, girl
Because you never wanted to cry, girl
Because you never wanted to
Turn around
And now he’s back, girl
Another pretty label he hides, girl
But no one ever told you
Just turn around
Wake up and see
The warnings

How far is too far before you “can’t” turn around? Does there come a point where you’ve “gone too far” to make the right decision?

Oh and what’s inside him kills you baby
Impairs drive and operation
Who’s your king? And are you the queen?
And who will take the wheel? Tell me how you feel

A working title for this song, at one point, was “Government Warning” because of the warning label you see on a bottle of alcohol. Those people that sometimes show up in our lives, that are “bad” for us, should come with a warning label, shouldn’t they? They impair our vision, operation, and some are just poison to our lives. No, the warnings aren’t as obvious when it comes to people. But they are there. We just need an awakening in order to see them. What is impairing your vision?

Wake up and see
Who he’s going to be

And who are YOU going to be? Do you need to “wake up”?
The warnings are there. Are you paying attention?