It's Cold Up Here!

It's Cold Up Here!
February 5, 2013

Greetings from Madison, Wisconsin!

I have been in the midwest for about a week and it is COLD!! When I left Atlanta there was flooding and a tornado warning, but it hasn't gotten too much better. The other day it got down to THREE DEGREES BELOW ZERO where I was! Did you see my update about that?

Well, it has been a fun tour thus far. Frigid weather and all. I kicked things off at Coe College after my 14-hour drive from Atlanta on January 30th. Cedar Rapids, IA was very cool. Good folks out there! After Coe I played at Lawrence Univ. in Appleton, WI and THEN... a house concert!

I love house concerts. Such a cool way to enjoy live music. On Friday, February 1st I performed at the "Tapps Estate" and we even did a live-stream of the concert! I heard a lot of great feedback from those who tuned in so I am definitely going to try and do that again soon!

After I left Milwaukee, I stopped through Rock Island, IL to record a Daytrotter session! Daytrotter is awesome. If you want a great place to discover new music, you should check them out. Tons of performances from everyone from The Lumineers to Ed Sheeran to Alabama Shakes. I'll be posting updates about when you can listen to the recordings from that, soon.

The rest of this tour is not quite as busy, but there are some cool things happening. Follow me on Twitter for more pics and amazing tweets! ;)

Coe College poster


Merch table at Coe College

My view at Lawrence University

Merch setup at the House Concert

Sitting at the Daytrotter piano!

Setup and ready for the house concert guests!

Driving on ice. For about 60 miles!

Nothing like a hot shower to refresh after a 14-hour drive.

Merch table at Lawrence University