Valentine's Mixtape

Valentine's Mixtape
February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day! 

A few friends and I have a little something special for you this Valentine's. Enjoy a free download of this 7-song "Valentine's Mixtape" available exclusively through NoiseTrade. Artists who contributed to this project are Carl Dylan, Mike Kinnebrew, Joy Ike, Sherilyn, The Well Reds, Sarah Peacock, and... me!

Although this music is available for free, you have the option to leave a TIP! 100% of what we receive will be donated to an awesome organization called Not For Sale. NFS is working to bring an end to human trafficking and we are proud to support them through this project. For more information on the work this non-profit does, visit

For more information and to download, visit

Share the love! Please tell all your friends about our "Valentine's Mixtape".