who's idea was this whole 'new years resolution' thing, anyway?

I used to work at a YMCA in Nashville, Tennessee. January was always our busiest month as people would come in faithfully to "get buff" or just "shape up". And I'm sure they meant to keep coming in February but, you know how life gets in February. Valentines Day and all of that stuff. Life is busy, right? Oh and March is just too crazy. I mean, Spring is on the way and don't forget about March Madness! And April...well, lets just say my life is just too devoted to Uncle Sam. Or at least on the 14th right? Gotta get those tax returns done! And after the 15th? Well, who said 3 1/2 months was enough time to fill out tax forms? How could I possibly get to the gym when my bank account is getting enough of a workout? Well May rolls around and I just forgot about the whole resolution thing anyway. Maybe I'll just go out and run a little this summer. And you know what happens June through August. There is certainly a lot of activity going on. Unfortunately it looks less like exercise and more like Barbeque's, Parties, and soaking up some sun! Who wants to workout? It is too HOT! School gets going in September and October, so that’s out. What's that? Well... Yes I REALIZE I am not actually IN school! But, OTHER people are and I am beginning to run out of excuses, so I need to borrow yours. And Oh my goodness! It's November already?!?! Where did the year go? Whoops! Hey, pass the turkey will ya? I'll have seconds of Mom's mashed potatoes and EXTRA gravy please! Pile it on! Might as well make the most of this whole "NOT following through on the resolution" thing. "Live to Eat!" That’s my motto! Well! What a year! It is December and the year has just flown by. Now, this next year, this is it! I am going to get in shape and eat better and watch less TV. Oh, can I have more Eggnog please?

Yeah! So, how's that New Years resolution coming for ya? Still going strong? Is this "the year" for you? Question: did you WRITE DOWN what you resolved to do this year? You know, it is said that a verbal contract is as good as the paper it is written on. I'd say it is safe to say the same about plans. If it isn't written down, good luck!

Here are a few things I'll be doing this year:

-writing a new song each month
-reading a different book each month
-getting the Kurt Scobie website up and kickin'
-finishing my first-ever EP
-getting out there and playing music for YOU! I'll see ya there.

Your turn! Write it down. Where do you want to be in 5 years? What do you need to do today to move closer to that?

By the way, the YMCA was pretty busy for a few weeks, then most people just couldn't keep the excuses away. However, there were a few people who were new in January and just kept coming. Success! Be that guy! Be that girl! Be that success!