Your Atlanta Braves Pianist

Well, have you seen the pictures yet?

Friday I had an opportunity of a lifetime! I woke up to an early call from one of the marketing coordinators for the Atlanta Braves, and they were in desperate need of a piano player... for THAT NIGHT. "Kurt Scobie to the rescue!" I thought. So I said "hey, no prob!"

My wife and I dressed our best and headed down to Buckhead. I don't remember too well, but I probably said something like "Ready Baby?" She most definitely said "Yes!" So we hopped out of the truck, headed into the InterContinental Hotel, and walked down the hall to the Windsor Ballroom.

I shook a few hands with my contacts and waited for guests to arrive.

Then, as Derek Lowe, Brian McCann, Chipper Jones and other stars from the Atlanta Braves (and many other guests) arrived, I began to play the beautiful grand piano just outside the ballroom.

The Atlanta Braves Foundation hosts a "Diamond Gala" every year as an opportunity for people to give. They then allocate funds to various charities. People and businesses had donated guitars, autographed souvenirs, and many other items for the silent auction that also took place.

The main part of the evening, however, was after I had performed. It was "Casino Night". Guests were able to purchase "Braves Bucks" to gamble at the many Blackjack tables that were set up. When I talked to Brian McCann and Derek Lowe, they said they were winning (probably because they were dealing).

Well, there was also a special guest at the Gala. You had to pay a little extra in order to spend time at his Blackjack table in the VIP area. You might recognize this Hall of Famer by the names "Hammer", "Hammerin' Hank", or "Bad Henry", but this Boston Brave is best known as "Hank Aaron". I had no idea he would be there. And I certainly didn't think I'd have the priveledge to get my picture taken with him. But I did! Check it out. Me, Kurt Scobie.....and Henry Louis Aaron! What a cool experience! What an honor.

I hope you can enjoy a piece of my excitement. Take a look at the pics on Facebook and/or Myspace

We had a great time at "Casino Night" and the event was a success!