Maybe I Am The Problem

Maybe I Am The Problem 
September 12, 2014 

I used to get frustrated (ok, to be honest, I still get frustrated) when people would not participate in worship. As a worship leader or pastor, you know what I'm talking about.

They come in (late). They sit down. They stare at you, blankly. And even when EVERYONE around them is singing or clapping or raising their hands, they are just... kinda... there. While I am up there pouring out my heart in worship (of the almighty God of the ENTIRE UNIVERSE, who chose to come to earth as a human being and GET MURDERED so that I could have ETERNAL LIFE with that same GOD of the ENTIRE UNIVERSE) they sit there with their arms folded, as though they just don't care. Gah!!!

Well, I still have some growing up to do.

I have a responsibility as a worship leader to accept each person, wherever they're coming from, whatever state they're in. I have a responsibility to not just "read the crowd" but to have an ongoing conversation with the Holy Spirit about what to say and how to truly lead people in worship.

So, I am learning how to encourage and challenge people to engage in worship without getting frustrated in the process. And it IS a process. Each of us has our own journey. And while I am pointing to Jesus (my main responsibility as a worship leader), I need to get out of the way so that God can do His work.

And, believe it or not, the person who seems to be the least engaged during the music, is often the one in whom God is doing the greatest work.