I Will Not Be Moved

Posted by Kurt Scobie on April 16, 2016

I believe that Jesus still heals. I've seen Him work miracles all around me, and through me, and even in my own body. There is no doubt that God still heals people in their physical bodies.

A few months ago I wrote a song about healing. Something the senior pastor's wife had challenged me to do a while back. So, I wrote "I Will Not Be Moved" and began introducing it to the church during our weekend services.

Little did I know that the declaration of faith that I was making in the song would be tested. And oh, has it been tested!

Not long after the song was written, my wife and I faced one of the biggest trials of our lives.

On a Friday night, after a small group gathering, my wife started experiencing some pain in her abdomen. We thought it was food poisoning, but the pain continued through the night and into Saturday morning, worsening every hour. I was leading worship for a prayer meeting that Saturday morning when she called me to come home immediately. I left the meeting and rushed home to take her to the E.R.

A CT Scan revealed that a gallstone had passed into her pancreas, causing inflammation (pancreatitis). She ended up staying at the hospital for three-and-a-half weeks, enduring several procedures and many sleepless nights of excruciating pain.

Meanwhile, I was exhausted trying to care for our two boys (one of them six weeks old), working full-time, AND walking through the process of buying a house for the first time. This could not have happened at a worse time!

Well, recovery has continued at home, now, and my bride is slowly getting better. We're not completely out of the woods yet. There is still a lot of pain some days, and she cannot quite care for our children on her own. But, we are starting to see some light at the end of this long tunnel (and glimmers of hope along the way).

God has revealed a lot to us during this whole fiasco.

On a Sunday morning while in the hospital, my wife tuned in to watch our church service online. Thank God for technology! That weekend I introduced "I Will Not Be Moved" in the main service. God was at work! Of all of the nurses caring for my wife during her stay at the hospital, the one she had that particular morning was a fellow Christian. The cool part is that this woman joined my wife in worship in her room, praying over her, and singing along to "I Will Not Be Moved". She never saw that nurse before and never again during her almost month-long stay. I believe God was up to something.

And that is just one way of many that we saw God working this for our good.

Our faith has been strengthened throughout this process. And I know there is even more that God wants to do in us and through us. My goal is to pass the test.

I don't know if I'll ever fully understand the purpose of this pain, but we are getting glimpses.

My wife is healed in Jesus' name. By His stripes we are healed. We are believing in faith that the healing will be complete in her very soon. We welcome all who want to pray and believe and stand with us.

We're watching for miracles.