Matchbox Cars

Posted by Kurt Scobie on January 14, 2015

I love watching my two-year-old play and learn. It's fascinating the little things he does. One of his favorite things to do with his matchbox cars is line them up in a row. The other day I noticed that he discovered a new way to arrange his collection. It was really interesting to me. 

And why should you care about the way he lines up his cars? Well, you shouldn't I suppose. But, his dad does. And that is my point. 

The details of our lives are seemingly insignificant. Except to our heavenly father. 

The bible tells us that the hairs on our heads are numbered (Luke 12:7). That seems to me like quite a significant task -counting hairs -for such an insignificant piece of information. I mean, who really cares the exact number of hairs?

Yet, God does.

He is a good father. A perfectly good father, actually. And He sees every step. He knows every thought. Every breath. Every... burp. It is impossible to understand just how much God cares about the little things in our lives. 

Don't let that stop you, though. Sometimes we choose not to bother God with the petty stuff. But, He wants to be welcomed into every piece of our lives. 


Invite God into the details. Look for Jesus in the little things. You'll discover that when you seek Him, he is waiting to be found.

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