"Step into My Story"

Posted by Kurt Scobie on January 19, 2016 

"Welcome home
come be found
inside my story"

One of the my favorite parables in the Bible can be found in Luke 15:11-32, The Prodigal Son. This powerful story, told by Jesus, has become more and more meaningful to me over the years. There always seems to be something new that God reveals to me each time I read it.

Recently, I had the opportunity to see what an amazing non-profit, Connections Homes, is doing to help bring "lost sons" (and daughters) home. Which inspired me to write what is becoming one of my favorite songs I have ever written.

"Step into My Story" is about the troubled lives of sons and daughters, and about a loving Father who longs to be reunited with them. When writing this song, to be performed at the 2015 Connections Homes Gala, the organization's founder, Pam Parish, shared with me her heart for the individuals who have aged out of foster care, and are struggling to navigate adulthood. Kids without parents are entering into the real world without the support and guidance of older adults to pick them up when they make mistakes and help them re-stabilize.

My hope is that "Step into My Story" will not only reveal the father-heart of God, as He welcomes home the lost, but that it will inspire people to consider how they can partner with God and play a role in bringing His beloved sons and daughters in.

In the Parable of the Lost Son there are two sons. The younger, foolish, prodigal is usually the focus. But I think we have much to learn from the older, obedient, bitter son. About what not do.

So, if the older, bitter son is the example of how NOT to be...

This is where God revealed something new to me about this parable, when writing "Step into My Story".

There is another son. THE Son.

A son who celebrates with the Father the returning prodigals. One who is everything the older son isn't -the ultimate example.

The Son, Jesus, leads the way by stepping into our story. He shows us exactly how to help bring home the lost. We see his example over and over throughout scripture.

I have a whole new perspective when I read Luke 15, now. Yes, I can identify with the prodigal son. Yes, I can identify with the older, bitter son (if I'm painfully honest). However, my ultimate goal is to identify with the another son, Jesus.

My goal is to love BOTH the prodigal and the obedient sons and daughters. To know how to love them. To be a part of someone else's story.

Download "Step into My Story"
With the release of my latest single, I am aiming to do just that.

I released this live version of "Step into My Story" on NoiseTrade on January 12th. It is a free download, BUT you have the option to "leave a tip". So, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to use my platform as an artist for good. Which is why I am giving 100% of all tips received to Connections Homes.

My challenge for you is to simply join me.

I'd love for you to check out the lyric video.

I'd be thrilled if you would download the song.

But, more than that, most importantly, my hope is that you will consider how you can step into the stories, the lives, the struggles, of those who need your help. It was at the expense of the older son that the younger son was welcomed home. It is our privilege to give sacrificially so that others can know the deep love of the Father.

Step into their story.

Download "Step into My Story (Live)": http://bit.ly/1OMnlQ7
Lyric video for "Step into My Story": https://youtu.be/FmPu5tCjKJc
Lyrics for "Step into My Story": http://kurtscobie.com/lyrics-step-into-my-story