God Gave Me You - Kurt Scobie [Cover]

One of my favorite artists, Dave Barnes, released a song called "God Gave Me You" on his "What We Want, What We Get" album (2010). It is a well-crafted song and has gained quite a bit of attention. Country star (and judge on NBC's "The Voice") Blake Shelton just released his version of this song on his "Red River Blue" album (2011). "God Gave Me You" has become a favorite of mine and I thought it would be a good one to kick-off my cover-song-a-month video series.

If you get a chance, you should check out Dave Barnes' music AND his YouTube videos. He's hilarious. You'll like him. But first, I hope you'll enjoy my rendition of "God Gave Me You"

Thanks to the "GroupEase" team from the Music Business program at Kennesaw State University for helping me with this project. They will be working with me to bring you a new video each month on my blog. I hope you like it, and will share with your friends.


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