Read the article about Kurt's performance at Linfield College (McMinnville, OR) in the
Linfield Review

"Kurt is a wonderful and talented musician. His vocals are spot-on! Whether singing Billy Joel, Elton John or his own beautifully written songs, Kurt has an exceptional gift of music, that everyone needs to hear! We will have him return to our campus."
          -Denise Brewer - Director of Student Activities,
Montana State University-Northern

“Kurt Scobie is one of the most talented artists on the indie music scene today. Many people can play keyboard well, or strum a tune out on a guitar, but it takes true talent to write poetic lyrics which create a compelling image in the listener’s mind. Quite often I will wake up with one of his songs ringing in my head, and the images created by the tune and his words will follow me through out the day. Kurt’s poise and confidence produce a sound that is vibrant, energetic, and compelling, a true artisan in today’s music scene.”
          -Jeremy Doublestein – CEO,
Three Ring Media

“Kurt Scobie's music captures the essence of 'today's sound' by mixing poignant lyrics with 'listener-friendly' melodies. His command of the keys is amazing. I recommend him to people I like.” 
          -David Craver - President,
Open Mic Entertainment

"I was amazed at how many people emailed or called me after the show. My guests (and I) were amazed at his talent. We were also blessed that he was here the night before his new cd release. We made our show the UNOFFICIAL ONE! Kurt is extremly talented in every way. He is a great artist and great guest. Highly recommend. I will have him back!"
          -C. Bossi, House Concert Host