My last few trips have had a lot of it.

I recently toured with Sarah Peacock to Philly and Pittsburgh where we had non-stop precipitation. And now, St. Louis is giving me the same attitude. Meanwhile, I saw on the news this morning that Texas is in for one of the worst dry seasons in a long time. Crazy. Thankfully, I didn't fly to St. Louis for this trip because the airport is shut down. Yup. Closed. A tornado ripped the roof off of one of the terminals last night. Oh, and there were baseball-sized hailstones falling. Thankfully, I was inside.

I have much to be thankful for these days. Here's a quick (and incomplete) list:

-Supportive and wise friends
-The opportunity and ability to help people who need help
-A bank account not in the red
-Time on the road, meeting new and cool people
-The opportunity to reach new people with my music
-A Square card reader (I'm a geek, but it's just freakin' awesome)
-A cell phone to keep in touch with family & friends
-An understanding and respectful wife who just GETS me

I could keep going. I should keep going. It is good to realize and write down all that you have been blessed with. Especially those "opportunities" that feel more like inconveniences.

In all honesty, I put that last one on the list reluctantly. It is difficult when going through a time of growth to count what is growing you as a blessing. Rain is wet and cold and makes the world all gray and... bleh! Not to mention the havoc it causes when driving through D.C. (turning a 5.5 hour trip from Richmond to Philly into a 7.5 hour trip). Not exactly the kind of "blessing" we pray for.

But, I forget about the renewal that comes with the rain. I forget about the growth that it brings. Even destructive tornados and flooding can wash away the old to make way for the new. Yes, it's hard. Even devastating. But, when the storms clear it's time to rebuild. Communities come together and often grow closer and stronger after disasters strike.

On the news this morning, while showing all of the storm damage here in St. Louis, they were saying that NO ONE was killed in the storms. No one! Buildings can be rebuilt. Cars can be repaired. Human life is more fragile. And important. No one was killed - THAT is something to be thankful for.

I have been listening to Sara Bareilles a lot lately. Fanatically. Maybe even a little unhealthily. Her song "Let the Rain" says this:
"And I always felt it before
that the world was filled with much more
than the drowning soul I've learned to be
I just need the rain to remind me"
For me, rain is a reminder. Of growth. Of renewal. Of new life. It reminds me that even though my circumstances seem dreary, there is a better version of myself on the other side of this rainy day.

What "rainy" circumstance are YOU thankful for?