We Need You

We Need You
March 12, 2013

Race week is here!

Five days from today I will be running my third-ever half marathon (13.1 miles) as the leader of "Team Punita". In case you've missed the news, I am using my running as a platform to raise awareness and money for As Our Own. March 17th is the Georgia Publix Half Marathon. I am running for Punita.

Punita represents an unacceptably high number of orphans in India who inevitably end up in child prostitution. Human trafficking (slavery) is still a major problem in this world and I am speaking up for the millions of people who have had their voice, their freedom, robbed from them. I am running for Punita because she needs me to stand up for her. And she needs YOU!

She needs ALL of us to stand for her and so many other children who are in need of rescue.

Will you help? Will you give? Will you sacrifice for them?

In this last week before the race I am praying that several generous individuals will step up to make donations. I know that budgets are tight and the economy and blah blah blah... but honestly, most of you reading this live in the richest country in the world. Most of you, if you really wanted to, can find a way to give to this cause.

So, what is it going to be?

Will you join me in making history? Will you be a part of one of the greatest movements this world has ever seen?

Or will you buy that new toy/gadget/outfit/item-you-will-throw-away-in-a-year?

We need you.