2014 Songwriter Shootout Finals

Posted by Kurt Scobie on December 12, 2014

I am not the biggest fan of music competitions. I don't usually do well in them. After three attempts at American Idol, an attempt at The Voice, and even an audition for America's Got Talent, I have figured out that I am not really cut out for TV. And I am OK with that. After the winner is announced on those shows, they're rarely remembered. In the end, the judges of those shows make out better than anyone. I am not really interested in pursuing that anymore.

However, I am growing to love the songwriter competitions that exist for those of us who want to share our songs and be a part of a community of artists and musicians. Every Thursday at The Camp House in Chattanooga is a space where songwriters at all levels can come and share what they have been creating. And, for added interest and excitement, they've made it a competition.

Now, the competition side of things still kinda sucks. I mean, I'm not against friendly competition, in general. But, the idea of putting song against song is a little weird to me. Comparing the artwork of one artist to that of another is a bit absurd. At the same time, I understand why the competition side of it exists.

Well, last night at The Camp House was everything that a friendly music competition should be. Sure there were tensions and nerves and disappointments, but there was a sense of camaraderie and community. That is what it truly is about in this world.

I won last night. Something I am very happy with. I'm proud of my songs and my performance of them. Most of all I am pleased with the way I connected with the audience. And that is the key. Connection.

Without connection the world is cold. 

So, while I am absolutely thrilled that I was named "Champion" last night in Chattanooga, I am even more thrilled to be a part of a special community where people gathered and connected and shared their art that helps us make sense of this world that we live in.

Here are a few photos from the event.

Anthony Quails (host), the judges, and all of the performers.

The Camp House has a great new venue

Soundcheck before the night began