One Word for 2014: Serve

"One Word for 2014: Serve"
January 21, 2014

On January 1st of last year I shared that my "One Resolution for 2013" was, simply, "DO!" I was introduced to this concept of boiling your goals down to a single word that you can focus on for an entire year. It certainly helped me focus on the things I wanted to accomplish. So, I am at it again this year.

My one word?


I wanted to keep the momentum from 2013 going, but this time I wanted to focus on ways I can "do" for others. I have been incredibly blessed lately. So many people have poured themselves into my career and family and my personal life, I want to "give back" this year and learn to to be a more generous and giving person.

When I think about the people I look up to and consider wise and successful, they are always serving. They are generous. They give, and love to give. I want to be like that.

So, here's to 2014! Time to serve.