I Will Dwell (Psalm 23) - New Song [VIDEO]

Posted by Kurt Scobie on September 20, 2016

It has been quite a year for me, 2016. This is my first post in three months, and only my fifth post of the year. Some days I have felt like the cowboys in those movies whose horse gets spooked and they end up getting dragged through the dust in hopes of regaining control.

As I sit at the kitchen table in my quiet house (which will most likely become not so quiet at any moment) I am enjoying a moment of rest in the midst of a very busy year. Looking out the window into our backyard is a serene view of trees and greenery that is my daily refuge from the craziness of life. Even if for only a few seconds each day, I try to escape to the back deck for the stillness and steadiness that reminds me to breathe deep and be quiet before God.

Rest has been an ongoing theme in my times of prayer and meditation lately. The importance of learning to rest in God has become more and more evident to me. Our culture continues to demand that we be increasingly available and "on" when what we truly need is time to unplug and be refreshed in the presence of God.

I recently wrote a song in one of my quiet moments with Jesus. It was drawn directly from Psalms 23 and was written with the intention to make you pause and just listen. Just as the Good Shepherd usually has to make us "lie down in green pastures".

Today, I encourage you to take a moment to pause and spend some time just resting in God. No agenda, no prayer points, no striving. His desire is for us to meet with Him and simply dwell. To enjoy the green pastures and still waters. To be restored. And then, after that moment of rest, remember that His goodness and mercy follows you. That even as you go, you can "dwell in the house of the Lord forever".

I Will Dwell (Psalm 23) - Kurt Scobie