NEW MERCH: "Here's to Tonight!" Beer Glass!

"NEW MERCH: "Here's to Tonight!" Beer Glass!"
December 18th, 2012

On Thursday, December 13th, Kurt Scobie played his final performance of 2012 at the Red Clay Theatre in Duluth, GA. Eddie Owen (founder of the legendary Eddie's Attic) hosted the full band event with co-headliner Sarah Peacock and opener Paris Luna as a part of his new "Eddie Owen Presents" series. It was a memorable night of music for a full house.

Toward the end of his set, Kurt Scobie introduced his song "Last Call" (from the Crash EP) with a special toast. The latest addition to his merch table and online merch store is a 16 0z. Belgian-style beer glass with the lyric "Here's to Tonight!" printed on it. Holding up the "SCOBIER" glass (containing only water) he thanked the audience for their support.

As a fan of craft beer, this 16 oz. belgian-style glass is a predictable addition to his merch store. Get yours today at

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